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Super Smartasses (SS)
Alternative titles
[Super] Real Engineers
Super Smartassgineering
Super Smartass Engineering

Episode 1 (pilot)
  • Draft rendering, last changes 4/9/2012
  • Sound/voice acting and finer rendering coming in updates and future episodes, eventually
    © Todor Arnaudov 2012, All Rights Reserved
  • "...Looking up to the July Sunrise... I need love... (...)
    ...with the scream of the seagull croaking... (...)
    "Below the sun and your moan, came a sweet cure... I found you-u-u-u!... Wooow-ooh-wooooh-blah-blah-yeeahouuh-woooh-ooo

    ...Keyboard solo...

    - How are you, partner!
      - Fine, thanks. I've just celebrated the July Sunrise, he-he...

      - Excuse me?

      - It's a popular feast here, after the song of the cult Bulgarian band "The July Hippies".

      - Ohh, Whatever. Did you read the news today?

      - What do you mean, it's 5 o'clock in the morning yet...
    - I sent you a copy of the tomorrow's newspaper via the teleprinter. Please, check it NOW! It's very important!
      - OK, have a nice evening, partner.
    - Talk to you later. Bye!

    Naked hot chick:
    - Darling, leave that newspaper, come to put sun oil on my shoulders. Please!... HELLO, are you DEAF! How can you ignore me, you son of a BITCH! Oh... How can I be so stupid... I thought that he loved me... HELLO! Hunny, I'm over here, NAKED!


    - Good morning, Angelina, how's the team?
      - It's OK, boss.

      - OoooK... I'm flying to Plovdiv now, I have to talk to the engineers.

      - Alright.

      - Get ready for a meeting, it's very important!

      - Sure.
    - Have a nice day, Angy. See you soon
      - Bye!

    Angelina Guys
    - Guys, HE's Coming, he said he wanna make a big meeting with you all.


    Oooops, that's the correct page...

    Please, understand, the world is in financial crisys!

    - So, Assen, why did Dobry come with your car today? I see you're very close, he-he...
      - Ha-ha, boss... I picked him up on the road, his car was broken.
    - Ahhh...
      - It was a poor tribant... There were huge clouds of smoke, leaking out from the engine...
    - Tribant?! These cardboard cars are still running?!...
      - Not anymore...
    - He-he-he... OK. Now go to work!
      - Bye.


      - Happy birthday, boss, this came for you today!
    - Oh... Great! Thanks... But not yet... I ordered it myself from China. That must be my new pair of glasses.
      - I didn't know that you wore glasses?...
    - I'm still young, right! These are just magnifiying glasses, not corrective. I need them for the small fonts in the contracts.
      - Oh, yeah...
    - I may consider buying a pair for you too, after testing this out.
      - Thanks, but I hope they're fashionable. Are they?
    - If you don't like them, you can always switch to the good old microscope...
      - Sure... Ha-ha-ha...
    - Peppi, would you tell Dobry to meet me in my office in 10 minutes?
      - OK. Bye!

    Dobry is a good engineer, I know how to reward and motivate him!

    What the fuck?!

    - Come in, Dobry!

    - You are LATE?!  

    - I'm sorry... My Tribi died today... I held it in my hands when the fan stopped breathing and the cylinders halted beating...
    - Oh, dear God... My condolences!  


    2x100 lv            
    - Cheer up, boy! I see you working hard well above 10-11 hours a day. I respect the real professionals, so I'll reward you! There you are, 150 lv to buy another... tri... to repair the engine. Can you please pass me 50 change?  

    - Check the butt, too!  

    - OK...

    Left butt: all clear!  

    - Oh, the right butt is full!
    - I told you! Show me what you got there!


    Hmmm... Only 20.. OK, pass me the 20, keep the change for coffee and heroke.

    - Happy now? OK. See you tomorrow back from 8 to 20! Thank you very much. Have a nice day. Bye!

    Dobry, 2 minutes earlier

    Dobry: I loved him so much... My heart is broken now... Will you give me a ride?
    Assen: I know how you feel, bro', you can't go home by yourself tonight. I'll help you get over it. (Clap-the-back)
    Peppi: H-h-hey,...boys! Have a nice evening!
    Assen: Thank you Peppi. Are you OK? You look like if you had seen a ghost?
    Peppi: Uh... What? I'm fine. See you tomorrow and... have fun!
    Assen: You too, sweetie. Do you wanna go to a party tonight? You will enjoy it, I promise!
    Peppi: Ohh... I'm... I'm sorry, I'm busy. I have to complete the schedule for the month.
    Assen: OK, maybe next time.

    Peppi Devora
    - Devora, did you know that Assen and Dobry are close?
    - Yeah, they are best friends or something.
    - I think they are more than just friends now! Ha-ha-ha...
    - I don't believe it... Assen is straight.
    - See for yourself on the CCTV.
    - What the fuck! Why that loser Dobry is getting into Assen's car?!
    - He arrived with him in the morning, also, and they were late for the strike...
    - Oh dear... CALL the Chief immediately, you know the code in the company!
    - Well, I think he noticed himself and has warned them, because he talked privately with both of them just after they came.
    - Arghhhh... Shameless bitches!...

    Dobry Assen
    - By the way, shall you pass near the Tribi, please? I'd like to check the engine.
    - Uh? It's dead, man!
    - I may manage to do a hot fix in the field...
    - Oh yeah... As a real engineer you should be capable to repair even the unrepairable... But I won't pull you, if you mean that. That's my LADY, not a tractor!
    - Relax... Why are you so nervous?
    - OK, I give you 4 minutes. Or let it be... six minutes. But no more, I'm in a hurry!
    - That's fine!
    - There we are. Good luck!

    - Let me try this...

    Tribi Dobry
    He is ALIVE!!! Yuppyyyy!

    - Ahhh! It smokes from the right hole now!!!
    ...Meaowwwwww! PSsss! Meaow!!!!...
    ...Wrooooum (a motorbike flies at 200 km/h on the city boulevard)

    ZzzZzzz... ZzzZzzz.... ZzzZzzzZZZZ...

    "Tribant"* in East German (in West Germany and in some international German dialects - "Trabant") was named after the Soviet "Sputnik" - the first artificial satellite launched in 1957, meaning "companion", "fellow traveller".

    The car was one of the greatest achievements of the ingenuinity of the East German's engineering from the 50-ies and early 60-ies of the XX-th century.

    Millions of tribant/trabant owners still love their cars and miss them, many years and decades after their engines or other parts of their bodies have passed away.


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