"I haven't seen her eyes for three long days..."

"But we gonna be together very soon..."

- Hey, sun!

"Maybe I had to visit my hairdresser..."

"I haven't asked her about her favourite flower..."

- My love! Come on... Hug me!

- I can't...

- OK then, I'll do it for you!

- I missed you so much...

- Oh, Meadow Barleys! My favourites!!!

- Cheers!

Director and camera: maiova

Directors of photography: maiova и Tosh

Starring, screenplay, editing, graphics design: Tosh

Moskvitch car: Dzhuganiya

Properties and costumes

Iliya Arnaudov
Elisaveta Arnaudova
Kostadinka Deleva

© maiova & Tosh - 2008

Любима! - на български

Maiova's version (editing, screenplay, graphics design)

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